Weekend Valentine

 Unfortunately for weekday workers like my boyfriend and I, Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday this year. That meant spending the night making spaghetti and eating chocolates in front of the t.v. in lieu of the usual dinner and a movie date night. Because who wants to go through all the effort of going out to eat on one of the busiest days of the year when you still have to be in bed before midnight to wake up for work? Definitely not us.


 I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day, but I just love to follow holidays in general for the sake of having an excuse to celebrate! That’s why, for me, it’s not so much about making that one day crazy romantic and perfect, it’s about taking time out of our busy lives to do something a little extra to celebrate our relationship and each other. Also, hearts everything! How could you not love that?


 I had seen this dress at Hot Topic a few months ago, but didn’t give it a good look until their recent clearance event. Once I saw the heart shaped corset back and embroidered heart patterned tulle detail, I knew I had to have it for Valentine’s Day! This dress was part of the Alice Through the Looking Glass collection, and as many of their themed pieces are, it’s style falls some where between trendy clothing and costume, which I LOVE!!!


 This was my third time trying pieces from Hot Topic/Torrid’s Movie and T.V. themed lines, but this is probably one of the bigger items I’ve purchase this far. I was a little disappointed in quality, due to the middle seam in the sweetheart top coming undone after just a few minutes of wear. I wouldn’t say it was worth the $88.50 it was originally priced at, but for $22.50 I can live with fixing a seam for a dress this cute! As far as design and appearance go, I’m in love! The main reason I’m excited for these collections time and time again, is because they inspire designs that you just don’t see available in most plus size clothing.


 Unfortunately, my order took almost two weeks to be delivered due to weather conditions, and wasn’t delivered until the 15th(this was probably my 4th order from Hot Topic’s plus size line and it usually only takes about a week for delivery). But luckily for me, our plans weren’t until the weekend anyway, so I wasn’t worried that the dress wouldn’t be here in time for Valentines Day(but i did get very antsy because i just wanted it on my body already!).


 Funnily enough, after waiting for this dress, we ended up swapping our night time plans for shopping and donuts(he knows me so well <3), so I opted for a more casual outfit that could withstand the mall, and decided to keep this gorgeous dress in the closet until our next romantic night out. We’ll meet again, beautiful heart dress!!!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Hot Topic (Runs small; I’m wearing a 26/sizes 22&24 still available)

Shoes: Torrid

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