Romantic AF

An independent woman-run alt brand serving up vegan leather bondage and dresses straight out of Wednesday Addams dreams? AND they carry up to size 5x?!? Sign me the fuck up!


If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you’re already well aware of obsession with DeandriI first tried the gothy brand when they contacted me back in June after expanding to size XXXL. Within a few days I received my package, and as soon as I opened it up  I knew I was in love!


Deandri dresses, along with their entire clothing line, are manufactured in Los Angeles, and are high quality. Seriously,these are probably the most well-made dresses I’ve ever owned! And to top it off, the length is perfect for big butt babes like myself! You won’t have to worry about the back of the dress only covering half ya booty, like you would with other short style dresses! And for those of you who like a longer hemline, Deandri’s newer collection also includes mid-length versions of this same style.


Each Deandri collection stays true to aesthetic, bringing new designs for classic looks, and creating a refreshing take on favorites. Most styles also include several options, from dress color to collar style/color, and cuff color where applicable. By far my favorite thing about Deandri is that they are always working on improving their clothing for their customers( which is so so important when a brand ventures into plus sizes)! This brand pays attention to feedback, and their continuously evolving clothing collection reflects that.(This also makes for some really good sales!!!)


As for sizing, I recommend sizing up on less stretchy fabrics. This is mainly because most plus size brands size like XL/0x,1x, 2x, ect., where as Deandri sizes are XL,XXL, XXXL. So normally I would fit a Torrid 3x/and most Forever 21 3x, but I find size XXXXL(4x) in Deandri dresses fit me best. I could still fit a 3x but it’s a real tight squeeze, and 5x would definitely still work as a looser look.


Here’s all them sweet sweet deets:

Dress: Deandri
I’m wearing the Nosferatu in XXXXL(4x)(currently only available up to XXXL(3x)). You can find the longer version of the dress here(available up to XXXXXL(5x)) and a similar dress with built in 2-way corset belt, called the Sally, here(available up to XXXXXL(5x))!
Shoes: Boohoo (Size 10)
Hair Clips: Local Halloween Store

And here’s a couple past Deandri outfits I put together on Tumblr and Instagram:

Thanks to all of you that have visited my little blog so far! I’ve been having so much fun, I think I might make Tuesday my usual post day for now on! I might also try to do like a big project every few weeks(or ya know, when my wallet allows it),and I already have a couple ideas in mind for the upcoming months! I’m so excited to make more content for you guys!

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