Fur Bby

I spent all winter trying to find the perfect fur coat and came up empty handed. Most items in my price range either sold out immediately or were never made available in my size in the first place.


Ideally I wanted to find an oversized fur coat in any color outside the natural spectrum. There were actually a few really cute and somewhat affordable options available this year from brands like Additionelle and Torrid, but by the time i had the funds to purchase, of course they sold out in my size or any above!


My search left me frustrated and I eventually just gave up. Then last week during my search for another hard-to-find style in plus sizes(overalls and pinafore dresses!), I found this beauty at New Look Fashion!


I’m normally not an animal print person at all, but i could’nt resist the Cruella deVille vibes this coat gave off! Plus, finding this piece in a UK 32(US28) felt like it was meant to be! I’ve had issues with fur in the past since the nonstretch fabric usually keeps longer styles from fitting comfortably over my hips. This size was the perfect for  comfortable oversized fit that made me feel so luxurious!

So let’s talk price since we all know that’s what really gets me off! I had originally overlooked this jacket, thinking it was $$$, but later saw a post from @lollylikes on instagram where she showed it was on sale. I immediately bought it(and subsequently was late to work), along with a gorgeous crochet dress that I got for about $10 US each!!!


Here’s the ‘tails:

Top: Forever 21+
Jeggings: Torrid (similar)
Shoes: Torrid
Glasses: Zenni Optical (<-Click for a $5 OFF code!)
Fur Coat: New Look

Since this jacket was such a good deal, it unfortunately sold out quick! But after a little time searching, I found a few more really cool faux fur coats and vest that are still available in larger sizes! They’re not quite as good of deals as this piece, but all of these are discounted and under $70!

Faux Fur Vest $23.99 (Size 0x-3x)

Faux Fur Color Block Vest $24.98 (Sizes 14-28)

Patchwork Faux Fur Vest $24.98 (Sizes 22-28)

Patched Faux Fur Jacket $68.50 (Size UK28/US24)

Hooded Faux Fur Jacket $69.98 (Size 14-40)

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