Woman Scorned


This might not be an appropriate title for my life, but it definitely describes this dress spot on! I found this Tripp NYC beauty on sale in Hot Topics plus size section a few months back. I had originally bought this for a Valentines day outfits post. Its design of hearts filled with nails made it perfect for an anti-valentines look, and would of been a great contrast for the princess-like heart dress I also purchased during the sale. Unfortunately, if you read “Weekend Valentine”ย you already know, the package didn’t arrive until the day after Valentines Day and I wasn’t able to post in time.


In an ironic turn of events, I actually ended up wearing this dress for my Valentines date later that weekend! When our plans changed last minute, and my heart dress was no longer suitable for our date, I went with my brand-spankin- new casual dress…that just so happened to be covered in tortured hearts… I promise I wasn’t trying to send a message to my boyfriend! I was just excited because, ya know, new dress!!!


It was my second time buying TrippNYC brand clothing through Hot Topic companies, I had first bought a long sleeve fishnet top from Torrid a few months earlier. That top has a good amount of stretch but i still have problems with the arm sizing, so since this dress seemed to be made of material that had no stretch, I decided to size up and bought a 4 instead of 3. The fit is great, and to my surprise the back of the dress had elastic and some stretch, making it easy to take on and off.


The details of this dress is what I really love! The lace trim on the sweetheart top, and the corset like side details make this dress so romantic(despite the message the print gives off)! The length of the corset strings can definitely get in the way, but the look of it is so cute! The only problem I had with fit was that the spaghetti straps kept falling off my shoulders even after I had adjusted them. But overall it’s such a cool take on a simple dress, and definitely worth the purchase!


Here’s the 411:

Dress: TrippNYC brand from Hot Topic
Jacket: Torrid
Shoes: Amazon
Glasses: Zenni Optical



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