Springtime Goth ft. Deandri, part 1

Another post about Deandri? So soon?? Hell yes! I recently received four new gloriously gothy dresses from Deandri’s most recent collection, and I couldn’t resist showing you babes as soon as possible!

If you’ve read my last review type post on Deandri, you already know I’ve made quite a few outfits in the past featuring their dresses, collars and vegan-leather accessories, so I wanted to make this batch extra special! I decided to make my first lookbook style post!

I packed up the car, and spent the weekend driving around town with my love, shooting unique looks for each of the four dresses! Here’s some of my favorite’s from the first two outfits(click any smaller image for a larger view):Nosferatu by Deandri

Nosferatu by Deandri

Now lemme give you the sitch:


Outfit One:
Dress: Nosferatu Dress by Deandri (Sz 4x, would recommend sizing up 1 or 2 sizes if you have large arms or breasts since thees fabrics don’t stretch much)
Belt: Front Cincher Belt by Deandri ( Sz L-XXL, I have it on the last notch & I’m a 48′ waist for reference)(Also, I have it upside down bc I thought it was cute lol)
Shoes: T.U.K Footwear (I’m wearing sz 10)
Earrings: by Marina Fini from Tunnel Vision


Outfit Two:
Dress: Roselle Dress(Mid-length) by Deandri (Sz 5x would recommend sizing up 2 sizes if you have large arms or breasts since this fabric doesn’t stretch much, I had to open up the arms underneath to fit comfortably)
Belt: Front Lace Corset Belt by Deandri (Sz L-XXL, the string used to lace up is elastic for extra comfort!)
Shoes: T.U.K Footwear (Sz 10)
Socks: Amazon
Glasses: Zenni Optical

Nosferatu by Deandri

I can’t tell you enough how incredibly proud I am of what came out of our little weekend project! Not only is this my first lookbook, but it was the first time we’ve ever really adventured outside my backyard to take pictures! Not mention, it was only like the second time my boyfriend had helped me take pictures with this camera! We’re both photography noobs, but he is such a natural, and I am so happy to have a partner that’s willing to drive through mud and take pictures in the pouring rain with me!

Part 2 coming soon! I can’t wait for y’all to see the whole shabang!



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