25 Spooky Scary Plus Size Clothing Pieces Every Ghoul Needs 2017

Halloween is the best holiday of the year for so many reasons; carving pumpkins, dressing up, scary movies, putting up decorations, CANDY! But, until about two years ago, I was always so concerned about finding a decent costume, it never occurred to me that this is also the perfect time to stock up on ALL THE SPOOKY THEMED CLOTHES! Last year I got my hands on a ton of bat/ghost/skeleton themed goodies, and the plus size options just continue to grow every year! Unfortunately, this Halloween, I personally cannot afford to indulge in all the cheesy spooky goodness. So i thought, instead of being a poor little bitter baby about it, I’d put together all my favs from this season and share them with you babes!

1. Skeleton Sweatshirt- Charcoal (1x-3x)    2.Ghouls Just Wanna Raglan Tee-Black(00x-6x)
3.Bat Sweatshirt (1x-3x)    4.Bat Scoop Tee-Black(00x-6x)

5.The Nightmare Before Christmas Suspender Skirt
5.The Nightmare Before Christmas Suspender Skirt (0x-5x)

6.Gravestone Sleeveless Skater Dress-Purple (XS-5x) 
7.Witches Cat Sleeveless Skater Dress-White (XS-5x)
8.Eyeballs Sleeveless Skater Dress-Red (XS-5x) 9.Ghost Skater Dress-Mint (XS-5x)
10.Bats Sleeveless Skater Dress-Purple (XS-5x)

11.Boo Witches Hooded Sweatshirt (1x-3x)  12. Mesh Skeleton T-Shirt Dress (1x-3x)
13.Bat T-Shirt (1x-3x)  14.Skeleton Bat Bodycon Dress (1x-3x)

Cobweb Leggings
15. Cobweb Legging (1x-3x)

16.Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Knee Leggings (0x-5x)
17.Halloween Sky Leggings-Purple Halloween (XS-5x)
18.Pumpkin Skater Skirt- (XS-3x)  19.Bat Leggings-Red (XS-5x)

20.Mesh Cobweb Dress (1x-3x)  21.Spiderweb Cold Shoulder Kimono (0x-5x)  22.Halloween Swing Dress (1x-3x)  23.Vampire Teeth Midi Dress (1x-3x)

24.Not Your Boo Boyshort Panty-Black (0x-5x)
25.Ouija Board Lace Trim Boyshort Panty-Black (0x-5x)

That’s it for today! Now please, go get yourself all the Halloween goodies so I can live vicariously through your bad ass/cute as hell wardrobe!

And thank you so so much for reading! I’ll be working on plus size costume and accessories shopping guides this week, and maybe even an updated clothing list early November with whats left on clearance!

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