Hey friends! My name is Mulsa, and I like to take pictures of myself!

I’m a 20 something fat babe from California who’s passionate about plus size fashion, and probably spends wayyyyy too much time on social media. As a teenager, I found body positivity through a group of unapologetic selfie-posting fat women on tumblr, and it honestly changed my life. The fat positive community saved me from continuing down a path of body hate, and inspired me to create my own representation in a world that would rather only refer to fat people as a “before” picture or a punchline. So five years ago I started sharing my life through my own fatshion(FATfashion) posts, both as a form of self care, and as a way to encourage others to start the process of making amends with their own body(Also, playing dress up is just like really realllly fun!!!).

I’m a strong believer in wearing whatever makes you feel good, regardless of size or shape. My personal style is constantly evolving and, quite frankly, all over the place(just like me). I am always trying to push my own boundaries with my outfits, while hopefully challenging others to rethink the “fashion rules” that are often imposed upon fat bodies.

I made this blog to continue and expand my personal journey through fatshion, while honoring the brands, trends, and pop culture that inspire my style. I am in no way an authority on plus size fashion or anything like that, but like, I do really need a creative outlet to talk about clothing before someone overhears me chatting up my cat about size inconsistencies and skirt lengths… so, ya know, here I am ^-^

Make sure to check back regularly for new psootd’s, clothing hauls, style guides and inspo!