Cardigan Weather

It feels like every year, as soon as the colder weather sets in, my first go-to choice in fall apparel is always this ultra comfy hooded cardigan. I got this baby a few years ago from Torrid, so sadly its been long gone for a while now. But seeing how much everyone loved this cozy piece in my post All Weather is Crop Top Weather from last year, I thought I’d put together an updated version of similar plus cardigans that are all available right now!



This time around, I paired the cardi with one of my favorite new designs from Deandri, The Elenore Dress. I have been subconsciously avoiding bodycon for while, and was a little nervous when I received this dress, but as soon as I tried them on I feel in love! I must admit though, it’s still a little scary wearing bodycon out in a about since I haven’t in years, so I thought pairing it with this long slouchy cardigan would be a nice stepping stone to reintroduce form fitting dresses back into my wardrobe.


Dress: Elenore Dress by Deandri in 5x (availabe up to 5x)
Leggings: Lace Inset Leggings (mesh legs/leggings shorts) in 4x (available up to 3x)
Similar: Beaded Front Mesh Inset Leggings (available up to 6x)
Cardigan: Torrid c. 2015

1.Hooded Sweater Coat (0x-6x)  2. Cozy Cardigan with Faux Fur Pockets (0x-4x)
3. Car Coat Cardigan (0x-4x)  4. Deconstructed Hooded Cardigan (0x-5x)
5. Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Hooded Open Cardigan (0x-3x)

6. Pocket Front Knitted Cardigan (12-20)  7. Cardigan with Detachable Fur (12-20)
8. Open Front Fleece Duster (1x-3x)  9.  Cozy Stripe Cardigan (0x-4x)
10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Hooded Cardigan (0x-6x)
11. Disney Villains Faire Isle Hooded Cardigan (0x-6x)


It’s been my summer goal this year to dress more colorfully, but that’s easier said than done when 90% of my wardrobe is black and grey. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy the fact that my closet fulfills the goth(then emo c.’05 ofc) dreams of my tween years, I just started to get a little bored I guess. I’ve never been the type to stick to one solid “style”, my personal style has always been an ever morphing combination of everything that caught my eye. I could never fully commit to being the super feminine retro queen, or the boho hipster girl, or the gothy babe, or the androgynous minimalist, because I want to be all of things at once! And i’m starting to realize it’s a little hard to accomplish that in total grey scale.

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This past week I was with my love out in Vegas for our yearly summer vacation! Our main objectives were to see shows, eat way too much food, and hopefully not totally waste our paychecks on all those bright movie-themed slots that we can’t seem to stop giving our money to, so we weren’t exactly planning a “Sin City” type of trip. However, during weekdays hotels on the Strip are actually pretty affordable, so we did go all out on one of those mini suites with the giant tub right in the middle of the room. Through the whole planning of this trip I was so excited to buy a bubble bomb at the Lush in front of our hotel so I could take some fancy-bitch bubble bath pictures, ya know, with a glass of champagne in my hand(except its secretly cider because my taste for alcohol is that of a high schooler), and my hair in a messy bun but in, like, a hot way. But then reality kicks in: it’s 2 am, and I just half nakedly slumped over the coffee table in my hotel room to inhale one of Guy Fieri’s bacon mac-and-cheese burgers, after a day full of half drunkenly dodging like a weird amount of children through the casino floors. This all meaning that the moment my fat ass hit those bubbles, and I could finally just relax in a nice warm bath, all the promises I made to myself to take this opportunity to further my social media content just melted away, and laying in the tub with my lil feets on the jets became top priority.

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