Stranger Things Gift Guide (Plus Sizes Included)


The highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 is finally here! And with this next chapter, we got answers to so many questions that arose after the first seasons cliff hanger finale! The whole Stranger Things world was opened up this season with new characters, new super powers, and new crazy scary monsters who want to eat us (this time from within apparently).

But who am I to tell you this? You know. You’ve seen it. If you’re anything like me you binge watched through the night until you were practically delusional. No shame.
It was just. that. BITCHIN’.

Stranger Thingsgate2gate3

As with every smash hit, a new season means LOTS of new merch!
And with the holidays coming, I figure this is the perfect time to compile a gift guide! Here’s a list of all my favorite merch available right now, to help you shop for all the Stranger Things fans in your life!
Or, ya know, buy for yourself to try to fill that demo-dog shaped hole in your heart!
(bc it’s still, like, 11 freakin months until the next season! That just seems like a crazy amount of time, amiright?!)

All the clothing items are available in at least a couple plus sizes!
I should note though, this stuff is selling out like super fast, but there should be a ton of restocks soon! And new stuff  is coming out everyday! So i’m hoping to have some larger sized options for you babes soon!

And don’t worry if your fav sells out, just check back later. I’ll be updating this list at least weekly, until the end of the year. Make sure to check out my instagram page and stories for updates on this post!

Click product images for more info on sizing & prices, and direct links to buy!




*Pounds fists on the table*
Justice for Barb! Justice for Barb! Justice for Barb!!!!




Cardigan Weather

It feels like every year, as soon as the colder weather sets in, my first go-to choice in fall apparel is always this ultra comfy hooded cardigan. I got this baby a few years ago from Torrid, so sadly its been long gone for a while now. But seeing how much everyone loved this cozy piece in my post All Weather is Crop Top Weather from last year, I thought I’d put together an updated version of similar plus cardigans that are all available right now!



This time around, I paired the cardi with one of my favorite new designs from Deandri, The Elenore Dress. I have been subconsciously avoiding bodycon for while, and was a little nervous when I received this dress, but as soon as I tried them on I feel in love! I must admit though, it’s still a little scary wearing bodycon out in a about since I haven’t in years, so I thought pairing it with this long slouchy cardigan would be a nice stepping stone to reintroduce form fitting dresses back into my wardrobe.


Dress: Elenore Dress by Deandri in 5x (availabe up to 5x)
Leggings: Lace Inset Leggings (mesh legs/leggings shorts) in 4x (available up to 3x)
Similar: Beaded Front Mesh Inset Leggings (available up to 6x)
Cardigan: Torrid c. 2015

1.Hooded Sweater Coat (0x-6x)  2. Cozy Cardigan with Faux Fur Pockets (0x-4x)
3. Car Coat Cardigan (0x-4x)  4. Deconstructed Hooded Cardigan (0x-5x)
5. Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Hooded Open Cardigan (0x-3x)

6. Pocket Front Knitted Cardigan (12-20)  7. Cardigan with Detachable Fur (12-20)
8. Open Front Fleece Duster (1x-3x)  9.  Cozy Stripe Cardigan (0x-4x)
10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Hooded Cardigan (0x-6x)
11. Disney Villains Faire Isle Hooded Cardigan (0x-6x)

25 Spooky Scary Plus Size Clothing Pieces Every Ghoul Needs

Halloween is the best holiday of the year for so many reasons; carving pumpkins, dressing up, scary movies, putting up decorations, CANDY! But, until about two years ago, I was always so concerned about finding a decent costume, it never occurred to me that this is also the perfect time to stock up on ALL THE SPOOKY THEMED CLOTHES! Last year I got my hands on a ton of bat/ghost/skeleton themed goodies, and the plus size options just continue to grow every year! Unfortunately, this Halloween, I personally cannot afford to indulge in all the cheesy spooky goodness. So i thought, instead of being a poor little bitter baby about it, I’d put together all my favs from this season and share them with you babes! Continue reading “25 Spooky Scary Plus Size Clothing Pieces Every Ghoul Needs”


It’s been my summer goal this year to dress more colorfully, but that’s easier said than done when 90% of my wardrobe is black and grey. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy the fact that my closet fulfills the goth(then emo c.’05 ofc) dreams of my tween years, I just started to get a little bored I guess. I’ve never been the type to stick to one solid “style”, my personal style has always been an ever morphing combination of everything that caught my eye. I could never fully commit to being the super feminine retro queen, or the boho hipster girl, or the gothy babe, or the androgynous minimalist, because I want to be all of things at once! And i’m starting to realize it’s a little hard to accomplish that in total grey scale.

bananas22bananas1 Continue reading “B-A-N-A-N-A-S”